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COSEN Intros V-1822 Band Saw 
In an ever-changing and growing fabrication market, the need for cost-effective cuttings solutions at different capacities and price points is evident. Cosen has introduced the all-new V-1822 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw to its extensive product line.
With vertical saw designs becoming more popular among fabricators, the V-1822 takes Cosen’s popular tilt-frame design and applies it to a rigid, yet small, footprint with an 18-inch by 22-inch capacity. 
Developed to be a more affordable option for those in non-production settings, the saw is a manual design and allows for miter cuts ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, both left to right. The saw comes equipped with a 1 ¼-inch blade, a 5-HP blade motor and comes standard with an adjustable 0 to 5 degrees blade cant to help increase blade life and provide efficient cuts. 
Other features include a gearbox to accept high lateral pressure, adjustable flood coolant system, rigid cast-iron guide arm and bed design, manual blade tension device with pressure gauge and retractable coolant tray for easy access, among others. 
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HE&M Offers Dual-Column Band Saw
HE&M Saw’s DC22A is a dual-column band saw designed for cutting exotic metals like Inconel and tool steels such as D2. The saw uses a 2-inch blade with a cutting capacity of 22 inches wide by 22 inches high. 
The new saw was designed with improvements that create a smoother cutting machine, greatly improved blade life and make maintenance easier. The saw has a 0- to 48-inch stroke twin ball-screw bar-feed that is servo-driven, creating faster cycle times making it more accurate in positioning the material, allowing for improved efficiency and more accurate part lengths. 
The DC22A control console has HE&M Saw’s new and enhanced Smart Saw controls with a 9-inch Omron touch screen. The touch screen controls are clean and simple to make programming and running automatic jobs easy and previous jobs can be saved and reloaded any time.
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Starrett’s Intenss For General Purpose Cutting
The L.S. Starrett Company offers the newly positioned Intenss Bi-Metal band saw blades for general purpose metal sawing of a wide range of materials and shapes.
The blades feature a patented process developed by Starrett called bi-metal unique technology, that provides 170 percent more weld contact with the teeth. Intenss blades exhibit superior resistance to tooth strippage, significantly reducing fracture and breakage, which enables exceptionally long blade life, the company claims. Performance is further enhanced by M-42 teeth with a multi-edge tooth design that produces split chips for faster cutting. 
Starrett Intenss Bi-Metal Blades are available in ½-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch widths and 0.025-inch and 0.035-inch thicknesses. Blades in 1-1/4-inch or 1-1/2-inch widths and 0.035-inch and 0.042-inch thicknesses are also available, without the bi-metal unique feature. 
Intenss blades are offered in pitches of 10, 14 or 18, and 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 6 and 5 to 8 variable pitches. Coil lengths are available in 100 feet, 150 feet and 250 feet, depending on blade widths. 
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BTM Controller Adjusts Blade Speed
The key to being productive and profitable with a band saw comes down to smooth fast cuts allowing high throughput and, most importantly, long blade life.
What separates BTM is an all-inclusive controller that adjusts blade speed and feed rate during the cut. Additionally, components are heat-stress relieved after welding, allowing them to absorb the cutting vibrations.
BTM saws offer advanced designs using modern technology, with standard spare parts with a lot of “off the shelf” components. BTM offers more than 90 different models, covering the vast majority of cutting applications.
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KASTO Offers Versatile Saw Program

The KASTO saw program is as versatile as the tasks in the field of metal sawing; therefore you will find hacksaws, band saws and circular saws in its assortment. KASTO represents quality and durability, which is reflected in all its products, from the universal workshop saw for occasional cuts to the powerful fully automatic machine for industry, the company claims.
Whether for straight cuts or miter cuts, sawing bar materials, panels or profiles, KASTO offers the right saw for your application. The company will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable machines for sawing metal, steel or aluminum.
“Today, sawing means more than just cutting a piece of material. Today, sawing is an important step, usually at the beginning of a process chain,” said a KASTO spokesperson. 
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