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Bayern’s Capstone Designed for Cloud
Capstone is an ERP application designed by Bayern specifically for metal service centers, fabricators and hybrid operations. Capstone is a Rich Internet Application designed for the cloud that runs equally well on a server on your premises.
Capstone’s web services and Microsoft SQL Server database run on a Microsoft Windows server. Capstone’s client runs equally well on Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple MacBooks. Capstone’s fabrication capabilities include multi-level (indented) bills of material, third-party processing and transportation orders and full support for one-off fabrication orders.
Capstone’s customer parts system supports storage of drawing files and both simple (cross-reference) and complex parts. Capstone supports heat-traceable and fungible inventory. (This decision is made at the category level.)
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Software Cuts Through Uncertainty
Inflation and uncertainty not only impede decision making, but also mount the pressure on steel distributors to consistently make the right calls and keep track of their inventory down to the penny.   
To alleviate this, P.S. Data Services created Steel Service Center Software, a Windows-based ERP software designed for the steel and metals industry. Developed for steel distributors by steel distributors, Steel Service Center Software provides a custom approach allowing business leaders to track exactly what inventory they need and when they will need it.  
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Metalware Adds Payment Processing
Paragon Consulting Services has teamed up with Get Beyond to add credit/debit card payment processing to its Metalware ERP Suite.  In the latest release of the Metalware software, users will be able to configure customers for credit card purchases and payments seamlessly in the Metalware ERP.  Partnering with Get 
Beyond, service centers using Metalware will now be able to securely accept any type of payment in-person, online or with a virtual terminal payment option – all tailored to the Metalware business transactions.  
Now selling to small businesses is even easier. The secure features supported by the integration allow for saving a customer’s credit card information in an encrypted, offline database.  This, in turn, allows for easy management of repeat business.
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INVEX-OPS Aids in the Warehouse
Invera has announced the release of its new web-based tablet applications INVEX-OPS for the warehouse, as part of their next generation of web and mobile products for the metal industry. These tablet functions 
enable metal service center warehouse staff to perform real-time recording on the shopfloor using fast and easy-to-use mobile tablet applications.
The INVEX-OPS tablet apps were built from the ground up for mobile devices to increase productivity and efficiency in the warehouse, while reducing error-prone hand-written notes.  These mobile applications can save warehouse personnel the time required to walk back and forth to a terminal, or to the office to hand in paperwork. 
Some of the new tablet applications include receiving, carousel 
packaging, production weight recording, production order creation, 
lift preparation and more. 
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4GL Adds Customer Portal
4GL Solutions has added a Customer Portal module within its Steel Manager III software. Steel Manager III is the Stouffville, Ontario-based company’s ERP for the metals industry.
“4GL Solutions worked very closely with our customer Fidelity PAC in the development of our Customer Portal. Both companies required a Customer Portal module that was highly functional and would also be extremely user-friendly. Together we have created a product that we are very proud to release into the industry,” said George Walton, president of 4GL.
Highlights of the Customer Portal module include: check stock and incoming material in all warehouse locations; generate quotes with the option to have quotes automatically priced; easily convert quotes to order; flexible units of measure, including quote or order by pounds, feet, lengths, pieces and bundles; mill test reports or certs available for all products; access to documentation such as invoices, packing slips, MTRs, bill of ladings, proof of delivery, all easily emailed back to the customer. 
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SecturaFAB Bridges ERP Gap
Generating accurate and consistent quotes in a service center environment is demanding and complex. SecturaSOFT has developed a geometry-based quoting system that allows operators to maximize production.  
SecturaFAB can bridge the gap between current ERP with a complete quoting and estimating platform. 
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iMetal Designed for All Metals
The merger of Compusource, Metalogic, and PCI led to the creation of Jonas Metals Software. The combined strength and knowledge led to the development of the iMetal platform. iMetal from JMS is the enterprise class platform meeting the needs of metal service centers around the globe, the company claims. 
Coil, sheet, plate, bars, pipe, tube, billets and more – iMetal handles them all. From carbon steel and stainless to red metals and aerospace alloys, iMetal meets the needs of your processes and quality requirements.
iMetal offers exceptional functionality including multi-language, multi-currency, multi-branch and advanced multi-step processing capabilities. JMS is the leading developer of advanced tools for your service center.
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