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Long Time Gone

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IMTS makes big return to Chicago's McCormick Place after 2020 iteration was canceled by the pandemic.

Four years. That’s the time between presidential elections, Summer Olympics and, now, IMTS.

Not since 2018 has the International Manufacturing Technology Show descended on Chicago for its late-summer exhibition, a casualty of the COVID pandemic. 
IMTS will come to McCormick Place for nearly a week, running from Sept. 12-17. Organizers are promising a robust return.

“Content is key in the information era and we have organized the widest array of conference topics ever at IMTS 2022 to help visitors move their people, business and technology forward,” says Bonnie Gurney, vice president – strategic partnerships for AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, which owns and produces IMTS.

New events include the IMTS Women Make Manufacturing Move program to inspire women to enter manufacturing, the IMTS Investor Forum and The Smarter Sourcing Symposium, presented by IMTS and the Onshoring Project. Additionally, after packing conference rooms at its IMTS 2018 debut, the Job Shops Specialty Program returns with a focus on ready-to-implement digital technologies that will help job shops address their most pressing issues.

The IMTS 2022 Conference is composed of multiple sessions throughout the week. Topics include process innovation, plant operations, quality/inspection, automation, improving productivity, improving part quality and developing a competent workforce to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States. The additional seven partner conferences cover subjects such as additive manufacturing, 3D printing for job shops, lasers, parts cleaning, industrial interoperability standards and technology leadership. 

The conferences at IMTS are presented by AMT, as well as by its partners and organizations co-locating their events with IMTS, including ASME, Gardner Business Media, GIE Media, HANNOVER MESSE USA, Laser Institute of America and the OPC Foundation.

“Conferences at IMTS 2022 offer a deeper dive into the technologies exhibited on the show floor, the chance to network with subject matter experts and like-minded peers, and the opportunity for professional growth,” says Gurney. “Plan to take advantage of these learning opportunities for a few days, then add another day to your itinerary to walk the show floor. There is no more efficient way to gather more information in one location, plus it gives you a chance to rest your feet while stretching your mind.

TRUMPF - Booth 236217 
TRUMPF will show the latest in automated arc welding, 3D laser welding, 3D laser marking, and additive manufacturing technology at the 2022 show. TRUMPF will highlight the TruArc Weld 1000, an automated arc welding system designed for easy and affordable high-mix, low-volume production. The TruArc Weld 1000, TRUMPF’s automated arc welding system, makes it easy for fabricators to get started in automated welding and is the perfect solution for affordable high-mix, low-volume production. The booth will also showcase laser technology for 3D processing, including the TruLaser Station 7000 fiber, a versatile, compact and fully-equipped low-investment 3D laser welding system, and a TruMarkStation 7000 with a TruMark 6030 marking laser for high-performance 3D laser marking.

KMT Waterjet - Booth 236545
KMT Waterjet is globally known for manufacturing the world’s fastest waterjet in the industry – the Streamline PRO 90,000 PSI, 60 HP and the 125 HP with dual heads for twice the power, cutting products in up to half the time. 
KMT offers a range of pumps from 30 HP/55,000 PSI to 15-200HP/60,000 PSI as well as direct drive systems for smaller job shop applications.
KMT has a network of reliable, expert OEMs who specialize in machine technology such as abrasive machine cutting, pure-water only cutting, entry level, small and large format, taper control, bevel head, cantilever, gantry or bridge style tables, CNC software, 2-axis to 6-axis, robotic systems, food conveyors, cake cutters, combination waterjet/plasma, waterjet/Saw-Jet and much more.
With the broadest range of waterjet pumps and machine systems in the industry, KMT provides solutions for most every cutting application.

Flow - Booth 236207 
The Flow MotoJet X intensifier pump is the next generation of pump designs. It has been engineered to maximize uptime, minimize maintenance, and outlast and outperform the rest. 
The revolutionary pump is a full-service solution. Flow’s trained technical service team will conduct all maintenance at needed intervals, keeping customers up and running with minimal effort on their part and allowing them to focus their attention and resources on other areas of their business.  
The MotoJet X features ultra-quiet operation with a sound deadening design. The thoughtful design includes easy access points with quick-remove side panels, an air-assisted lid, and an automatic interior light. The MotoJet X has a status light built directly into the lid handle, providing quick visibility to the operating status of the pump, and comes IoT enabled and smart connection ready. 
The MotoJet X operates at 60,000 psi with both 30 hp and 50 hp options and is compatible across the entire Flow Mach Series of waterjet solutions. 

Schelling - Booth 338158 
The Schelling fm12 plate saw offers a maximum cutting height of 10 inches. It eases heavy aluminum material handling and cutting via a linear robotic Automatic Manipulation Device. Upon loading, automation takes over as air cushions gently protect and move the aluminum plates. During cutting, 99 percent of the chips produced are collected via Schelling’s proprietary “Clean Up” System. Finished parts are moved out of the machine via conveyor and picked by a crane. 
The fm12 and AMD are ideal for fully automatic handling and cutting full-size aluminum plates, intermediate strips and finished parts. Gentle handling of materials, efficiency and quality are assured.

L.S. Starrett Co. - Booth 13504
The L.S. Starrett Co., a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gauges, metrology systems and more, will be demonstrating the latest in quality control inspection technology at IMTS.
Supporting Industry 4.0, IoT and the Digital Factory, attendees can see for the first time at a live major event, demonstrations of automated wireless measurement data capture and transmission from handheld wireless/ electronic gauges via the new DataSure 4.0 Wireless Data Collection System, or from Vision Systems and Optical Comparators via integrated software. 
Among the wide range of Starrett solutions highlighted at the show will be the latest Optical Comparators, Multi-Sensor Vision Systems and Video Based Inspection and Measurement Systems, DataSure 4.0, which substantially increases the accuracy and speed of data collection, and the latest precision wireless/ electronic tools and gauges.

Okuma America - Booth 338500 
The MA-8000H horizontal machining center will debut at IMTS. The MA-8000H is a versatile machine designed for a range of applications, from heavy-duty to high-feed machining. 
The machine’s work envelope and expansive travel ranges (X-axis: 1,400 millimeters, Y-axis: 1,200 millimeters, Z-axis: 1,350 millimeters) coupled with a highly rigid bed and cast-in ball screw mounts for highly accurate drive and positioning make the machine ideally suited to cut medium-to-large workpieces. Additionally, powerful spindle options effectively handle materials across the metals spectrum.

KAAST  - Booth 338460 
The high-performance KAAST V-Turn CNC Series will be among the machines on display at IMTS.
Also on display include the 22-inch swing, Fanuc 0i-TF, 25-horsepower vertical lathe, the V-Turn CNC 550. Loaded with live tooling, C-axis and Renishaw HPRA tool setter, the vertical lathe has a 2-stage transmission with extremely high torque for heavy machining even tough materials. The 12-tool turret, coolant system, chip conveyor and automatic lubrication round out the VTL.
Angle and plate rolls, presses and ironworkers will also be on display. 

Cosen Saws - Booth 236931 
Cosen has introduced the V-1822 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw to its extensive product line. In an ever-changing and growing fabrication market, the need for cost effective cuttings solutions at different capacities and price points is evident. With vertical saw designs becoming more popular amongst fabricators, the V-1822 takes Cosen's popular tilt-frame design and applies it to a rigid, yet small, footprint with an 18-inch by 22-inch capacity.
Developed to be a more affordable option for those in non-production settings, the saw is a manual design and allows for miter cuts ranging from 0-60 degrees, both left to right. The saw comes equipped with a 1¼-inch blade, a 5-HP blade motor and comes standard with an adjustable 0-5-degree blade cant to help increase blade life and provide efficient cuts. The machine will be on display at IMTS.

Behringer - Booth 236844 
Behringer Saws’ HBE-320/523GA is a fully automatic, dual-column miter saw. Equipped with the latest in sawing technologies, including ball screw servo-drive for both the saw blade down feed and material feeding controls, the 320/523GA is truly the most accurate and repeatable fabrication saw on the market today. In addition, it comes equipped with an industrial PC operators control as standard equipment, allowing for ease of operation, as well as having large storage capacity (60 GB) to save projects by part numbers, customer name or any category you may choose. 
The 320/523GA is built utilizing the heavy-duty cast iron machine construction Behringer is famous for, delivering rigidity and vibration dampening to the sawing process. This quality design helps generate the benchmark in cutting accuracy and long blade life, under even the most extreme operating conditions.

fehr - Booth 236656 
Fehr is the preferred partner worldwide for automated storage and material handling solutions. Fehr stands for innovation with 100 percent process reliability for our bar and sheet stock systems. 
Fehr is unrivaled with its Swiss precision and the experience of more than 70 years to provide a turnkey solution to our customers in the U.S. market. Fehr’s key success factors are the proximity to our customers and identification with their respective requirements. From a single manually operable storage tower to a fully automated warehouse with seamlessly connected sawing cells, lasers or picking robots, the customer gets exactly the solution he needs.

OMAX - Booth 236222 
The culmination of three decades of OMAX engineering expertise and real-world operator experience, the OptiMAX is designed for manufacturers in 
need of a versatile, easy-to-use cutting system. It offers OMAX’s intuitive software for optimized cutting capability and power, along with improved automation to maximize uptime. Companies can complete a greater range of work, more efficiently, and deliver finished products faster.
New and improved features include: IntelliMAX premium software, designed for ease of use and operation; IntelliVISOR console with key metrics to optimize; EnduroMAX pump that automatically sets the correct pressure and minimizes fluctuations to improve component life; IntelliTRAX drive system with advanced motion control for further increased system robustness and reliability; and new garnet delivery system to further minimize downtime.
Combined with an optional TiltaJET taper compensation head, the new OptiMAX is the most accurate system on the market, the company claims.

Mazak  - Booth 338300 
Mazak will have a host of products on display at its typical spot in the South Hall at IMTS. 
The company invites industry executives to join it at the site to witness the latest Mazak products and technology, all of which are designed to improve part programming, shorten setup times and boost overall machining performance and part quality.
Among the machines on display include the new Ez Series, Multi-Tasking, Advanced Machining and High-Production solutions in the company’s five technology pavilions located throughout the booth. Mazak will offer real-world cutting demonstrations and talk with Mazak experts about your toughest machining challenges.