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Quality Metals Orders Two Red Bud Lines

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Red Bud has received an order for a Precision Blanking Line and a Light Gauge Slitting Line from Quality Metals to be installed in the company’s new facility in San Antonio, Texas. Both machines will be rated for up to 0.060-inch thick by 60-inch material width and have 30,000-pound coil capacity.

Productivity will be monitored via time tracker on both machines.

The blanking line will be able to produce flat, close tolerance parts using a roller leveler, inspection area and grip feed system. The line will also consist of a traversing uncoiler, top side film applicator, thread system, high-speed shear and drop stacker for up to 12-foot parts.

The light gauge slitting line will be equipped with Red Bud’s CNC semi-automatic slitting head to reduce set-up time compared to traditional packed arbor slitting heads. Divider tooling can be set up offline on included sleeves, which are exchanged easily via quick release.