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Top 10 Service Center Equipment Brands


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In this spring fixture in MCN, service center executives note which brands are top of mind among the major product categories.  

With metal in short supply throughout the distribution chain for much of 2021, the importance of quality, affordable processing services was never more important. Service centers and toll processors had to make sure their limited stocks of metal were cut or slit or sawed with utmost precision, with no margin for error. 

Additionally, the employment drain that has characterized the industrial economy since the pandemic began put added pressure on remaining operators and demanded ease-of-use for both experienced and newer employees alike. 

These conditions once again underscored the need for the modern service center to have top-notch equipment, putting state-of-the-art lines on the floor to get metal in and out the door quickly and in the exacting conditions demanded by their customers. 

Recognizing and identifying which saws, coil processing lines and other types of equipment deliver just what customers need is the reason behind the Top 10 Brands Survey, which Metal Center News has been conducting for more than two decades. Starting at the end of 2021, we began surveying operators across the metals supply chain to determine which equipment manufactures had the support of their service center customers. The results of that survey are featured here, in the annual Top 10 Service Center Brands Survey. The survey should not be interpreted as a strict ranking of the brands, rather a reflection of which equipment makers are at the top of mind. 

As is common with the survey, there is some, but not wholesale change, at the top of our five categories. Three companies repeated their category victory from the 2021 survey: Red Bud Industries in coil processing, TRUMPF in cutting and Signode among material handling companies. 

Joining them at the head of the lists were Enmark Systems among software makers and Cosen Saws in the sawing category. 

For 2022, the top three in each category are: 
Sawing: Cosen Saws, HYDMECH, Amada Machinery America;
Coil Processing: Red Bud Industries, Braner, ANDRITZ Metals USA
Cutting: TRUMPF, Hypertherm, Amada America Inc.;
Software: Enmark Systems, Invera, OpenTrac;
Material Handling: Signode, Bushman, Caldwell Group.

The survey was conducted starting at the tail end of 2021, with MCN inviting our service center readers through a series of email polls and a questionnaire in our monthly print editions. Respondents were given an alphabetical listing of the largest companies in each product category with instructions to check all of the suppliers they would endorse and buy from in the future. Respondents also had the opportunity to write in additional company names or brand names that were not listed, though no write-ins cracked the Top 10 in any category. 

The rankings were simply determined by the largest number of votes received in each category. The final rankings adequately reflect which companies occupy the largest share of mind among their customers and highest level of customer satisfaction. The methodology does not attempt to rank the companies’ products or consider its market share or size. It merely looks at each manufacturer’s level of positive brand awareness. The list should be viewed as an informal measure of brand preference. 

To show our appreciate to our readers for responding to the annual survey, without whom it would not be possible, Metal Center News donated $2 for every response to Feeding America. We also conducted a random drawing among respondents, with the winner taking home a $200 Visa gift card. 

We thank you for your participation and congratulations to all of the Top 10 Brands.

Click here to Download the Top 10 list.