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CBSA Changes Name, Direction

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The Copper & Brass Servicenter Association is changing its name to the Copper and Brass Supply Chain Association. This change was announced at the recent Annual CBSA Convention that took place April 12-14, and the name change is expected to be official within the next few weeks.

President Dave Goad noted that “service center” is an antiquated term for distributors and that the market trends have included many distributors taking on more fabrication work to better serve their customers. Thus, CBSCA will be a more accurate reflection of the industry’s supply chain.

CBSCA will launch with two membership categories: Providers and Affiliated members. The Providers will consist of the traditional CBSA members: distributors, fabricators, mills and platers. The Affiliated membership category will include companies that serve the Providers by providing the products and/or services that help the Providers serve their customers. These companies could include transportation/logistics, scrap, machinery, etc. In the coming months, the board will define these categories and determine the membership dues structure.

“I’m excited about the future of the Copper and Brass Supply Chain Association,” said Goad. “Opening membership to the Affiliated companies will help us all serve our customers better. We will all benefit from welcoming these companies to the association. Learning from each other, understanding business conditions, sharing best practices, and creating opportunities is what we do, and we'll be doing it with even more of us at the inaugural Copper and Brass Supply Chain Association Convention next spring.”